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This week, we made the executive decision to highlight one of our own for the street girl of the week – Rebecca. Rebecca is a student at the University of California Berkeley studying here in Paris for her junior year abroad and likes to think of herself as someone who devotes a lot of her time and life to fashion. This weekend Rebecca was in Amsterdam where she sported this chic look – I like to call it a blue story.


In this photo, Rebecca is wearing an amazing Sandro sweater that pulls her entire outfit together. With the touch of accessories from her radiant sunglasses and mysterious socks paired with the loafers we get a very relaxed yet extremely stylish look from her.

Here are a few questions we asked Rebecca about her dedication to fashion and her clever insight:

who is your favorite designer

  • “Dries Van Noten”

who is your fashion inspiration 

  • “Leandra Medin from the man repeller, Mary Kate and ashley Olsen, and Grace Cottington”

Where is your favorite pace to shop

  • the bon marche, tom greyhound (yet i cannot afford anything)

Where is your favorite spot in Paris 

  • Parc Monceau, its pretty to run and sit in

How has the transition of LA fashion to Paris fashion effected you 

  • LA is a lot more lax in some ways and not in other ways. Paris is a lot more conservative for color and skin you would show but LA style has more relaxed fits because of the weather and culture. But the biggest transition has been from Berkeley style to Paris style because Berkeley is so laid back with flip flops and Birkenstocks to school and I think the paris fashion police would murder me if i tried to wear flip flops to school.

Why did you decide to come to paris?

  • well i really wanted to work on my french and become more comfortable speaking french after studying it for years and the fashion I love fashion and being around it every day has changed my style completely.

I asked these certain questions to Rebecca because i wanted to see and understand the difference between her native style to her style here which she has said has changed completely due to the style rituals here. Her style in this photo from this trip exemplifies a lot of 50’s emotions with the round hoop glasses and the oversized sweater and the loafers with the “mom jeans”. I think this looks embodies a lot of the french culture and speaks to how her fashion has changed over the course of her time here being a dedicated fashionista. She says this looks embodies her favorite inspiration, Man Repeller (Leandra Medine) with the sense of funk and color that she mostly embodies in her posts.


xo, Juliette

Street Girl of the Week


Hi guys !
Today we’ll look at the Lucie’s style. I met her in Nanterre University last week, and I had the opportunity to ask her some questions about the way she dresses.
17887584_203283946833613_1075498631_o (1).jpg
Me : How much importance do you give to your style ?
Lucie : I’m not going to say that I spend a lot of time of thinking about it, but I really like to go shopping and I like to dress. I am not obsessed with it, but I want to feel good when I leave my house, and I can’t if I don’t like the way I am dressed.
Me : How would you define your style ?
Lucie : I don’t really know… I like to wear feminine garments and be pampered, but without doing too much. I don’t want to shock anybody or to make myself stand out from others, I just want to be natural and feel comfortable with what I am wearing. That’s why I don’t wear high heels. I prefer booties. I have a lot of them; with laces, with small heels, with zippers.
17836749_203283950166946_60699117_o (1).jpg
Me : Can you comment on how are you dressed today ?
Lucie : The weather just started to change, so I’m adapting my style! I like to wear colorful outfits when it is sunny. I am wearing blue-green skinny pants, a white blouse with a blue design that I love, a leather bag and of course my booties. These ones are brown with laces. I have white feather earrings and a fresh manicure. I chose pink because I really like this color and I use it only in the Spring and Summer !
Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to talk with Lucie, the exams period just started at our university so she was running to study. But we can see that even in these moments, fashion and style is always important! Take care of yourself everyday.
Enjoy your week-end,
Street Girl of the Week


Bonjour Fashionistas!

Our street girl of the week is the lovely Chloé. She currently works at a café while taking art classes part-time.

Chloé was sweet enough to let me interview her this past week to give me some more insight into her personal street style.

Claire: Where do you get the inspiration for your everyday street style?

Chloé: I follow a lot of fashion blogs and style focused Instagram accounts. I really feel that this is the best way to stay aware of all the new trends. My friends also give me a lot of inspiration since they are the ones I shop with most often!

Claire: What are you most excited about in terms of your wardrobe for this spring?

Chloeé: I’m especially excited to buy new jeans and sunglasses. I love the distressed denim look thats trending, especially jeans with frayed ankles. And you can NEVER have too many pairs of sunglasses. I love the chunkier ones that are neutral in colors. 🙂

Claire: What’s your all time favorite store?

Chloé: Topshop, absolutely. I love mixing dark colors with fun patterns and colors, and Topshop sells a lot of pieces that allow me to do this type of look. Most of my outfit today is from Topshop! The shoes, jeans, and jacket are all Topshop pieces. I love that they offer lots of dark denim pieces that you can mix with their more eclectic pieces.

Thanks for letting us feature you this week, Chloé! We love your street style!


xoxo, Claire

Street Girl of the Week



Bonjour Fashionistas!

I met Julie at a café here in Paris. She is a local Parisian who is taking time off from school to focus on pursuing her dreams of being a runway model! I was drawn to her because of her cute outfit- a simple black dress layered over a white t-shirt, a realllly popular trend right now, and it’s an awesome look because it can work during any point of the day! You could wear something like this to grab lunch with your girlfriend, or wear it for a night out on the town!

Julie was nice enough to answer a few of my blogger questions regarding her street style! Thanks Julie you rock! 🙂

Claire: How has being in the modeling industry impacted your everyday style?

Julie: I’m constantly doing shoots nowadays so it seems I am always surrounded by beautiful clothing! Before I began modeling I definitely would stick to more basic pieces, but now that I have gotten into this industry I try to spice up my outfits with more unique pieces because i’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with trying new things and changing up my style sometimes!

Claire: Where do you shop most often?

Julie: I love Paris because there are so many boutiques, but I will admit that most of my wardrobe is from Zara and H&M! I also love Topshop and Asos. I shop wherever I can find great pieces, so I try to explore the local stores as often as possible to see what they have!

Claire: How would you describe your personal street style?

Julie: I wear a lot of denim. I have three jean jackets and way too many pairs of jeans! I think they’re just timeless and work for almost any occasion. I also wear a lot of black and white. I’ve been trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe slowly because I really tend to stick to more neutral colored clothing! Now that it’s Spring i’m definitely planning on adding some florals and more pops of color into my wardrobe!

A HUGE shout-out to our Street Girl of the Week- Julie! You’re fabulous and we love how you’re working your street style!

Until Next Week,










Street Girl of the Week


As I was walking to meet a friend, I saw Adrianna on the street, about to cross. I asked in french if she spoke English, as it would be easier for me to interview her that way. Luckily she did! She was in transit, so she did not have much time.

How would you describe your style?

Adrianna: I’m not too sure. I like to dress very monochromatic, but chic.

What’s your favorite clothing store?

Adrianna: I love Zara. The clothes are very affordable and I can find an outfit for any occasion.

Is fashion an interest of yours?

Adrianna: Acrually, it is not, but I definitely have fun getting dresses in the morning and I like to be put together.

Huge thanks to Adrianna for taking a few minutes out of her day to chat with me! Comment below your favorite clothing store!

Written by Brianna Corlette

Street Girl of the Week


Street Girl of the Week