Quatre Filles Chic is a fashion blog created by four girls living in Paris that have one common interest; Parisian street wear.

IMG_4471.JPGJuliette is a fashion connoisseur from Chicago, IL studying communications and entrepreneurial studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Upon growing up with a mother who worked in fashion, Juliette has devoted a fair amount of her childhood appreciating haute couture and street style. She decided to come to Paris to study abroad because of her mothers background in fashion and wanting to experience the fashion culture first hand after attending a Lycée Français from an early age on. One of Juliette’s inspirations is Bill Cunningham, late street style photographer for the New York times who introduced Juliette to the art of street wear in urban cities like New York and Paris. Juliette loves to dress in wild and funky clothes and finds herself always challenging fashion norms.

16143330_1562218507126829_7957969753464631504_n Brianna is a Fashion Studies major from New Jersey. She is completing the last semester of her undergraduate program in Paris, from her home school Montclair State University. Brianna runs her own men’s fashion blog, and has worked under multiple renowned celebrity stylists in New York City. She aspires to start her own personal shopping business, to be signed to a creative agency, and to style for major fashion magazines like Vogue and GQ. Brianna has broken into the fashion industry in New York City, and hopes to do the same in Paris.


16640676_10206325941707555_6630492878171768999_n-1.jpgClaire is a Pennsylvania native and is a Junior at the University of Arizona, studying Retail,  Entrepreneurship, and Communication. She decided to study in Paris because it is the fashion capital of the world, and she heard they had amazing Pain au Chocolat. She aspires to be a buyer for a major Retailer after college, but her ultimate dream job is to be the person who names the nail polish colors for OPI.