Boutique of the Week

So We Are

Hey Chic Girls!

I’m back this week with a new boutique for you guys to check out!

So We Are is a small boutique located in Ledru-Rollin part of Paris. It is more on the pricier side, but very popular. This is a store where quality over quantity is more important. There were only two employees inside, and they are clearly passionate about their job. They were eager to help customers put together outfits. Fellow customers even review it as being “very Parisienne.” They carry leather bags and accessories that mostly come in black, which can fit into any Parisian’s wardrobe. The blouses are neutrals with a pop of color like the one photographed below.

This one retailed at 55.00€. The merchandising of the display gives idea for the perfect Parisian outfit. Pair the blouse with one of So We Are’s leather handbags, a pair of black trousers and white detailed oxfords that retail at 140.00€. The simple accessories of a few bracelets or a long necklace completes the look. The store window is fun and inviting. The only downside is the size of the store. I can only imagine how tight it feels one a busy Saturday afternoon. The employee inside was very inviting and willing to assist me if I needed it. 

I definitely suggest checking out So We Are for a few Spring stable pieces! You will not regret it. Until next time!




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