Boutique of the Week

Fred Perry in Le Marais

Located in the heart of Le Marais is a well known brand and designer, Fred Perry. His boutique in Le Marais is right near the center and located around the corner from the very so specialized Supreme store, drawing a lot of artistic and cool energy. Fred Perry for the longest time, and to this day still, brands himself on mens simple street wear – but when I went inside he has a collection dedicated to the collaboration with famous designer Raf Simmons. This line varied from what either designer really aims towards in a general sense but brings to light a very interesting and sharp look to Fred Perry’s line. While Fred Perry does lean more on the simple, sophisticated look his collaboration with Raf Simmons gives him an edge that looks very modern and edgy. With his signature polo, Fred Perry’s collab turns his tasteful, thoroughbred polo into a high end street wear for the edgy male to carry around town. The reputation behind Fred Perry is very different of Raf Simmons but their collab is breaking new ground with their different cutting edge styles.



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