Soiree of the Week

Sunday Groove at Café Barge

Bonjour, Fashionistas!

This weekend is Week 1 of one of the most popular music festivals in the United States, Coachella! All of the hottest celebrities and their fans are somewhere in the middle of the desert in California, enjoying great music, food, and other festivities.

Although we are in Paris, I thought this week’s Soiree of the Week outfit could be Coachella inspired. Tomorrow afternoon I am going to Café Barge for their weekly “Sunday Groove.” My friends were there last weekend, and enjoyed drinks while dancing to live DJ’s outdoors along the water! The venue faces the popular Cite de la Mode and Design.

Here’s a super cute Coachella inspired outfit that I would rock on an afternoon like tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 9.55.24 PM

Gladiator sandals are probably the #1 go-to for girls attending music festivals. The aesthetic can be described as Bohemian Chic. This lace cardigan over a cropped blouse is super cute and fun. Accessories like flower crowns are super popular, especially when paired with colored sunglasses and bangles. Finish the look with a satchel bag, which leaves your arms free to dance, and you’re all set!

Enjoy your weekend, ladies!

-Brianna Corlette


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