Street Girl of the Week


Hi guys !
Today we’ll look at the Lucie’s style. I met her in Nanterre University last week, and I had the opportunity to ask her some questions about the way she dresses.
17887584_203283946833613_1075498631_o (1).jpg
Me : How much importance do you give to your style ?
Lucie : I’m not going to say that I spend a lot of time of thinking about it, but I really like to go shopping and I like to dress. I am not obsessed with it, but I want to feel good when I leave my house, and I can’t if I don’t like the way I am dressed.
Me : How would you define your style ?
Lucie : I don’t really know… I like to wear feminine garments and be pampered, but without doing too much. I don’t want to shock anybody or to make myself stand out from others, I just want to be natural and feel comfortable with what I am wearing. That’s why I don’t wear high heels. I prefer booties. I have a lot of them; with laces, with small heels, with zippers.
17836749_203283950166946_60699117_o (1).jpg
Me : Can you comment on how are you dressed today ?
Lucie : The weather just started to change, so I’m adapting my style! I like to wear colorful outfits when it is sunny. I am wearing blue-green skinny pants, a white blouse with a blue design that I love, a leather bag and of course my booties. These ones are brown with laces. I have white feather earrings and a fresh manicure. I chose pink because I really like this color and I use it only in the Spring and Summer !
Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to talk with Lucie, the exams period just started at our university so she was running to study. But we can see that even in these moments, fashion and style is always important! Take care of yourself everyday.
Enjoy your week-end,

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