Soiree of the Week


This past weekend, I went to dinner at Kong – famous asian infusion restaurant known by Andy Warhol types from the 80’s and 90’s. Since going and getting a feel for the Vibe of how this restaurant worked, and how people dressed, I understood that it was a very “scene-y” place that has turned into a destination for try hard Americans. Looking passed the delicious, yet overpriced menu and drinks on the menu I’ll focus this week on what someone “back in the day” would have dressed when attending Kong. In order to restore Kong’s reputation, I decided to create an outfit that embodies its asian infusion food with its high end style. Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.18.48 PM.png

With this outfit, you can enjoy a cocktail downstairs, and hurry up to your dim sum upstairs while watching the sun set over paris in their glass, bubbly like terrace overlook. This outfit I think is coming back into style in the sense that 90’s retro fashion is coming back to the younger generation. With girls dressing in vintage Levi’s and cropped adidas shirts, the Carrie in Sex and the City look is back and better than ever.


xo, Juliette


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