Soiree of the Week

Modern Day Opera

This past week we went to a fashion exhibit where we saw a fabulous green dress. This green dress exemplifies elegance, taste, and beauty all in one. We can think, or we can assume that this dress was worn to a very nice evening event, perhaps the opera – so for this weeks “soirée off the week” we’ll look at what green dress we can find to wear to the modern day opera.

After looking at the simple, yet complex dress that we analyzed at the exhibit I had to think long and hard about what the modern day woman would wear to the opera while still embodying this simple look. I recreated three different looks to embody different styles for a night at the opera.

For the first outfit, it’s more of a summery day look for maybe a woman coming of age, so someone of our age. With the summery nude sandal and hint of yellow clutch to go with the tropical patterned cropped dress would be a perfect outfit for this event. As for the second outfit it is more of a fit for someone more serious. With the slim fitting dress with a high neckline, the touches of pink make it fun and young, yet still elegant with the pointed stiletto and pink sash. And for the final outfit, it is definitely an outfit to impress in. With the jeweled shoes and over the top elaborately decorated clutch, it only matches the elegance comported by the dresses sequins and design.
The dress we saw in the exhibit looks as though it should be worn by a woman of style, a woman who was meant to be seen in it – well so are these three dresses. They are meant to be worn to a tasteful event and worn by no other than a woman who embodies tasteful clothing.

What’s your favorite outfit?

Xoxo, Juliette


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