Soiree of the Week

A night out at the Palais de Tokyo

When you’re looking for some fun stuff to do in Paris, do not write off a soiré at the Palais de Tokyo, one of Paris’ most well known and renowned contemporary art museums located right near the Eiffel Tower. If you don’t know much about the Palais de Tokyo, then look no further. The Palais de Tokyo is open until midnight on regular nights and has an amazing night life show. SO… if you’re wondering, “what should I wear to this event?” you’re prayers have been answered.

Here’s an example of something I would wear to a hip and trendy night out at the Palais de Tokyo Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 8.13.18 PM.png

Having spent last weekend there, I saw a range of outfits to wear out. This is what I would ideally love to wear to an event like that. Simple colors, simple look, but extremely tasteful. The Parisian woman and the lifestyle surrounding it embodies ideas of class and fluidity. At such a class place, you would want to dress to match the persona surrounding the night. With the night look of the loafers, you can’t go wrong with this outfit at a nice soiré to look at some funky art!


Written by Juliette Corboy


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