Boutique of the Week


Located in the Arts et Metier Section of Le Marais in the 3rd Arrondissement in Paris, is a small. unique, and funky boutique: Addicted. With an array of both men and women’s clothing, they use a different range of patterns, colors, and designs all for a very reasonable price while also maintaining a chic new look. Always staying above the trends and setting for them, they use a variety of new looks and combining themes of art and culture with their clothing. Using street fashion as their focal point, their casual street wear uses bright colors to give a look that is like no other. In other words, this is a place I would send someone who is visiting paris and wants to buy something that they can find no where else. Addicted is so unique, their boutique in Le Marais is their sole location in Paris, and without an online website, their clothes are that much more unique. Having an Amy Winehouse, Miley Cyrus gone rogue and Lady Gaga type look, they embody ideas of spunk and creativity. For mostly casual wear, they take simple things like jeans and sweaters and add that extra kick that sets it apart from everything else.


Here they use art to display their clothing as well as an artistic and inviting interior to draw shoppers in with their LED lighting, bright colors, and artistic use of morbid center pieces to draw attention to their grungy vibe. As for the fact that they are a small brand, they carry many different styles of clothing including shoes, incredible purses and over the top jewelry to math their grungy tones. Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 9.19.26 PM.png


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