Night Out in Paris

Bonjour Fashionistas!

This Soiree of the Week this week acts as a reminder that an “event” can just be a night out at a local Parisian bar or trendy restaurant with friends! You don’t need to be attending a concert, large social gathering, or Paris Fashion Week for an excuse to look amazing! This week’s look combines several black pieces- a bodysuit, leather jacket, and choker. Myself and my fellow bloggers have surely emphasized the importance of the staple color black in a Parisian’s wardrobe. This black leather jacket is a great staple piece in any woman’s wardrobe! You can wear it during the day, or at night, which makes it such a smart investment. Bodysuits have been trending for quite a few years now- this understated one keeps it classy when worn underneath these dark blue distressed jeans. A black choker with a jeweled charm definitely makes the dark, leather clad look a bit softer and more feminine. Nude nails and blush colored shoes with a fun fur accent definitely tie the entire look together. Hopefully this post encourages you to try mixing up some of your personal staple pieces with more fun ones as well. Enjoy your weekend ladies!


Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.53.25 AM.png


Xoxo, Claire



Boutique of the Week

So We Are

Hey Chic Girls!

I’m back this week with a new boutique for you guys to check out!

So We Are is a small boutique located in Ledru-Rollin part of Paris. It is more on the pricier side, but very popular. This is a store where quality over quantity is more important. There were only two employees inside, and they are clearly passionate about their job. They were eager to help customers put together outfits. Fellow customers even review it as being “very Parisienne.” They carry leather bags and accessories that mostly come in black, which can fit into any Parisian’s wardrobe. The blouses are neutrals with a pop of color like the one photographed below.

This one retailed at 55.00€. The merchandising of the display gives idea for the perfect Parisian outfit. Pair the blouse with one of So We Are’s leather handbags, a pair of black trousers and white detailed oxfords that retail at 140.00€. The simple accessories of a few bracelets or a long necklace completes the look. The store window is fun and inviting. The only downside is the size of the store. I can only imagine how tight it feels one a busy Saturday afternoon. The employee inside was very inviting and willing to assist me if I needed it. 

I definitely suggest checking out So We Are for a few Spring stable pieces! You will not regret it. Until next time!



Boutique of the Week

Anne et Marion

Bonjour Fashionistas!

Every day on my walk home from my metro station, I pass the most adorable boutique. I finally decided to go in last week, and was greeted by a Sales Associate also named Claire, who explained to me that the Owners, themselves named Anne and Marion, own two of these boutiques in Paris, and are responsible for all of the buying for the stores. She also noted that their typical customer is a woman in her late twenties or early thirties.

The boutique offered apparel and accessories- handbags, sunglasses, shoes, etc. I really liked a lot of the pieces offered at this boutique- there was lots of color, and there were more casual pieces, but also an abundance of business-casual type attire for the working woman. The price point wasn’t too crazy, but was considerably more expensive than a fast-fashion store such as Zara or H&M.


The style of the clothing in this boutique could be described as very feminine. There are lots of pieces with colorful patterns, lace detailing, and floral prints. I particularly liked this blouse, which had a very unique print; the outline of part of a face with bright red lips surrounded by a busy yellow and black print. This blouse was 60 euros.


Anne et Marion also had a variety of accessories that would be a great addition to your Spring wardrobe! Near the cash register there was a huge selection of colorful scarves, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more, all at pretty affordable price points!


Be sure to check out one of the Anne et Marion boutiques in Paris when you can, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

xoxo, Claire

Street Girl of the Week


This week, we made the executive decision to highlight one of our own for the street girl of the week – Rebecca. Rebecca is a student at the University of California Berkeley studying here in Paris for her junior year abroad and likes to think of herself as someone who devotes a lot of her time and life to fashion. This weekend Rebecca was in Amsterdam where she sported this chic look – I like to call it a blue story.


In this photo, Rebecca is wearing an amazing Sandro sweater that pulls her entire outfit together. With the touch of accessories from her radiant sunglasses and mysterious socks paired with the loafers we get a very relaxed yet extremely stylish look from her.

Here are a few questions we asked Rebecca about her dedication to fashion and her clever insight:

who is your favorite designer

  • “Dries Van Noten”

who is your fashion inspiration 

  • “Leandra Medin from the man repeller, Mary Kate and ashley Olsen, and Grace Cottington”

Where is your favorite pace to shop

  • the bon marche, tom greyhound (yet i cannot afford anything)

Where is your favorite spot in Paris 

  • Parc Monceau, its pretty to run and sit in

How has the transition of LA fashion to Paris fashion effected you 

  • LA is a lot more lax in some ways and not in other ways. Paris is a lot more conservative for color and skin you would show but LA style has more relaxed fits because of the weather and culture. But the biggest transition has been from Berkeley style to Paris style because Berkeley is so laid back with flip flops and Birkenstocks to school and I think the paris fashion police would murder me if i tried to wear flip flops to school.

Why did you decide to come to paris?

  • well i really wanted to work on my french and become more comfortable speaking french after studying it for years and the fashion I love fashion and being around it every day has changed my style completely.

I asked these certain questions to Rebecca because i wanted to see and understand the difference between her native style to her style here which she has said has changed completely due to the style rituals here. Her style in this photo from this trip exemplifies a lot of 50’s emotions with the round hoop glasses and the oversized sweater and the loafers with the “mom jeans”. I think this looks embodies a lot of the french culture and speaks to how her fashion has changed over the course of her time here being a dedicated fashionista. She says this looks embodies her favorite inspiration, Man Repeller (Leandra Medine) with the sense of funk and color that she mostly embodies in her posts.


xo, Juliette

Soiree of the Week

A Night At A Parisian Fashion Show

Hello everybody!
Saturday night I went to a fashion show in the Hotel Renaissance in Paris, where a friend of mine was on the catwalk. It was so chic! In the fashion show there were different collections of some new designers. I really enjoyed it! It can be really hard to know how to dress when you go in a fashion event, because you know that everybody will be at the top an will notice what you will wear. That’s why every detail is important! To not take any risk, I would bet on a classic but effective outfit, which will make you look elegant.
Here is an example of a type of outfit you could wear:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.23.05 AM.png

A simple but elegant black dress as the basis, that you can adorn with silver, rose gold or white diamond accessories, high heels, and of course the indispensable clutch bag!

Hope I have given you some ideas, and don’t forget to share yours!
See you soon,
xoxo Magdalena


Boutique of the Week

Fred Perry in Le Marais

Located in the heart of Le Marais is a well known brand and designer, Fred Perry. His boutique in Le Marais is right near the center and located around the corner from the very so specialized Supreme store, drawing a lot of artistic and cool energy. Fred Perry for the longest time, and to this day still, brands himself on mens simple street wear – but when I went inside he has a collection dedicated to the collaboration with famous designer Raf Simmons. This line varied from what either designer really aims towards in a general sense but brings to light a very interesting and sharp look to Fred Perry’s line. While Fred Perry does lean more on the simple, sophisticated look his collaboration with Raf Simmons gives him an edge that looks very modern and edgy. With his signature polo, Fred Perry’s collab turns his tasteful, thoroughbred polo into a high end street wear for the edgy male to carry around town. The reputation behind Fred Perry is very different of Raf Simmons but their collab is breaking new ground with their different cutting edge styles.


Soiree of the Week

Sunday Groove at Café Barge

Bonjour, Fashionistas!

This weekend is Week 1 of one of the most popular music festivals in the United States, Coachella! All of the hottest celebrities and their fans are somewhere in the middle of the desert in California, enjoying great music, food, and other festivities.

Although we are in Paris, I thought this week’s Soiree of the Week outfit could be Coachella inspired. Tomorrow afternoon I am going to Café Barge for their weekly “Sunday Groove.” My friends were there last weekend, and enjoyed drinks while dancing to live DJ’s outdoors along the water! The venue faces the popular Cite de la Mode and Design.

Here’s a super cute Coachella inspired outfit that I would rock on an afternoon like tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 9.55.24 PM

Gladiator sandals are probably the #1 go-to for girls attending music festivals. The aesthetic can be described as Bohemian Chic. This lace cardigan over a cropped blouse is super cute and fun. Accessories like flower crowns are super popular, especially when paired with colored sunglasses and bangles. Finish the look with a satchel bag, which leaves your arms free to dance, and you’re all set!

Enjoy your weekend, ladies!

-Brianna Corlette